Editors are back – A List of what we know so far…!

(Photo: Screenshot  from the Editors video  “A Ton Of Love”)

It’s a return with a bang. Editors are back with a new song. The first studio release after four years…

Formed in Birmingham in 2002, Editors have released three albums so far. “The Back Room” (2005), “An End Has a Start” (2007)” and “In This Light and on This Evening” (2009). And while the titles of the albums got longer, this time the wait for a new album was too. Why?

There were some tensions among the original line-up of the band. Mainly about musical directions, we guess. And mainly it was, now former, guitarist Chris Urbanowicz who wanted to pursue another direction than the rest of the band. To go on the band underwent some “serious surgery“, as drummer Edward Lay recently said to the BBC. That about the past. Now about the future.

Here’s a list of what we know so far about the return of the band…

New members.
There are two new members actually. Which makes it easier maybe, since there’s not one member who has to be the new guitarist. Editors 2013 are Tom Smith (vocals, guitar, piano), Russell Leetch (bass) and Edward Lay plus Justin Lockey and Elliott Williams on guitars and keyboards.

New sound.
Guitars are still there – or back after the electronic 2009 album. But they sound different. Less single notes. More heavy sounds. Lead guitarist Elliott Williams brings them in, formerly being a member of the English “alternative rock/experimental/post-hardcore band” [that’s what Wikipedia says] Yourcodenameis:milo. Although the new single is a full rock song, there are not that many guitars in the mix. Surprising? Well the second “desire”-part rocks, doesn’t it?

New single.
It’s called “A Ton Of Love”. One of the many bittersweet songs about love on the album. Tom Smith sings “I lit a match in Vienna / It caused a fire in New York”. Extra fact: Former guitarist Chris Urbanowicz lives in New York. You can buy the new single on June 24. It has another new song on its B-Side. “The Sting”. Great to have a B-Side in recent times, by the way. “A Ton Of Love” had its radio debut on Monday May6th. Zane Lowe of BBC Radio 1 played it first. The rest of Europe’s radio stations followed afterwards.

New songs.
Depending on where you live you’ll get the new album around the end of June or at the start of July 2013. The album is called “The Weight Of Your Love”. Here’s the albums tracklist with some extra facts:

The Weight (already played as “The Weight Of Your Love” – acoustically by Tom Smith)
Sugar (already played live)
A Ton Of Love (already played live)
What Is This Thing Called Love (already played live – acoustically by Tom Smith)
Nothing (already played live)
Formaldehyde (already played live)
Two Hearted Spider (already played live – with and without Chris Urbanowicz)
The Phone Book
Bird Of Prey (a fan-favourite since 2009, although it was completely unreleased)

CD2 (Bonus Edition Extra)
The Sting (already played live – with and without Chris Urbanowicz)
Get Low (totally new track)
Comrade Spill My Blood (totally new track)
Hyena (acoustic)
Nothing (acoustic)

New video.
For the song “A Ton Of Love”. Shot in the last week of 2013’s April. It’s black and white. Very dynamic. And the band eventually becomes a mask for visual effects. That’s what director Mark Thomas says. He also shot the video for the Editors track “Munich” back in 2005.

(Video by Editors)

New tour.
Editors will play a whole bunch of festivals in 2013. The run starts in Tokyo in early June. All tourdates via this link. At the moment the band is in Birmingham to rehearse to the shows…

New label.
It’s PIAS. Well, it was PIAS too. Editors have a very loyal fanbase in Belgium. One of the reasons for that is that their label for main land Europe is based there. PIAS. After Chris Urbanowicz, according to Tom Smith, their UK-label Sony stopped working with the band. So now it’s PIAS for the UK too.

New media.
Russel Leetch recently said it to the BBC. You have to be on Twitter and YouTube to be relevant as a band today. So Editors are. All links her: Tom Smith on Twitter. Editors on Twitter. Their YouTube Channel.


More about that:
Editors’ official website
Interview with Tom Smith by UK radio station Xfm




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