Woodkid / Yoann Lemoine: Musician, Designer & Video-Director

(Artwork contains a movie still from the video “Run Boy Run” by Woodkid)

You might know him as a video-director – or at least a video by him. Lana Del Rey’s video for “Born To Die”. Another one for Drake and Rihanna. Very epic, very moody, very much like a movie.

But Yoann Lemoine, born in France in 1983, is more. He studied illustration and animation, got five Lions at the Cannes Lions Advertising festival for an AIDS Awareness campaign called “Graffiti” and he’s a musician – under the name Woodkid. There’s a legend, or maybe it’s true, that he became a musician, because someone gave him a banjo while he was directing a video…

Becoming more and more successfull with videos Lemoine said, he needed some challenge again. So he put out his debut album “The Golden Age”.

(Video by Woodkid)

(Video by Lana del Rey. Directed by Yoann Lemoine)

More about that:
Video stills and more at yoannlemoine.com
Wikipedia about Yoann Lemoine




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