Visual Artist Anyes Galleani – Born in Italy, working in Los Angeles…

(Artwork: Two painting by Anyes Galleani “Judgement” and “Red Dripping Rose”)

Anyes Galleani is an Italian-born, Los Angeles-based, visual artist, who uses photomontage and collage to create unique mixed media art.” That’s what she says about herself.”

We can add that her paintings are truly beautiful and colorful. Women-portraits as well as city-portraits – from her home-town Los Angeles and New York City. Botanicals is another set of painting that, you might have guessed it, mostly consist of flowers.

Anyes Galleani who also did fashion shootings when she came to LA in the 1990s, is looking for “beauty and decay [that] complement each other, old and new merge to tell stories, nature and man-made objects blend in unforeseen ways. I create mixed media art using photomontage, collage and acrylics on wood panels. When I started making this type of art I was simply looking for a more organic and original way to display my images than conventional printing methods.” [source]


More about that:
Anyes Galleanis official website (w. a large gallery)
Buy some of her art at TYPORiA




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