Ólafur Arnalds: #ForNowIAmWinter and more epic music…!

Born in Iceland you have two chances: Staying there and waiting that something happens to you or starting out. Ólafur Arnalds chose latter. Now 26 years old, he came from playing some punk music with friends to the epic songs he now composes. his grandmother gave him a record of classic music when he was a child. Maybe that explains his musical style.

Classic indie electronic, maybe? Very moody, very atmospheric and cinematic. Judge for yourself. There are nine albums, made in six years, to chose from… Plus some soundtracks for various movies – like for Sam Levinson’s “Another Happy Day” (2012).

(Video from Erased Tapes and by Ólafur Arnalds)

Ólafur Arnalds is currently touring Europe with a string ensemble, a piano and some electronic devices. All information about tickets and tourdates via his official website – link below…

To find out how we plays and works live, check out this video:

(Video by Ólafur Arnalds)

[tweet https://twitter.com/OlafurArnalds/status/339476112704942080]

More about that:
Much music at Ólafur Arnalds official website



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