Fort Atlantic – Band from Birmingham, Alabama and well-known from TV… (“The Big C” and more…)

(Artwork includes screenshots from the video “This Is Not The Answer” by Fort Atlantic)

Fort Atlantic’s song “Let Your Heart Hold Fast” was featured in the last minutes of a season 8 episode of “How I Met Your Mother”. “Up From The Ground” got airplay during the show “The big C”.

And since people on YouTube commented with words like “and this awesome scene, where it was played *-* one of the best moments of himym ♥_♥” [source] it’s time for some further information on the band. Founded in 2010 by Jon Black Fort Atlantic consists of two members. Drummer Josh Cannon is the second. To this date we have one album by the band. It’s self-titled and was released in 2012.

Here are the two songs from the TV-shows.

“Let Your Heart Hold Fast” as played in “How I Met Your Mother”

(Video by Fort Atlantic)

And “Up From The Ground” from “The big C”. Both shows are in its final season.

(Video by Fort Atlantic)

Jon Black of Fort Atlantic will play at least two solo-shows in December.

December 4 at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, CA
December 7 at Hotel Utah in San Francisco, CA

More about the preperations for in this video here. And, guess what, the song “This Is Not The Answer” was featured in ABC’s “Private Practice”…

(Video by Fort Atlantic)

More about that:
Fort Atlantic’s official website (get a free download there)



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