The Pet Shop Boys Go “Electric” – New Album produced by Stuart Price…

“Axis” was the first sign. A new song by the British Pop-duo Pet Shop Boys. “Vocal” is the second. And It’s real club-music. Dance-beats. Synths. A familiar sound. But what is it? A step back or contemporary music by the Pet Shop Boys?

Judge for yourself. The videos are available now. The album called “Electric” will be out in July 2013. And as Neil Tennant sings, “This is my kind of music.”


(Video by Pet Shop Boys VEVO)


The band’s official website says about the video: “This short film has been produced and directed by the filmmaker and photographer, Joost Vandeburg. He has created it using authentic amateur film footage shot at various raves in the late 80s, along with some footage from the Haçienda in Manchester […].” [source]

(Video by Pet Shop Boys VEVO)

Album tracklist:
Love Is A Bourgeois Construct
Inside A Dream
The Last To Die
Shouting In The Evening
Thursday (featuring Example)

“Electric” was produced by Stuart Price. Available from July 15, 2013. More here.




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