VIDEO: A perfect blend – Mike Droog X Youth Lagoon X Lora Zombie

It’s a vimeo staff pick: A speed-drawing video by Mike Droog called “Coffee and Milk”. It features artist Lora Zombie. Music comes from Youth Lagoon. The track is “17”. A great blend.

Watch it below…

(Video by Mike Droog and Lora Zombie)

Youth Lagoon is the stage name of American musician Trevor Powers who has, to this date, released two albums. 2011’s “The Year of Hibernation” and “Wondrous Bughouse” in 2013. The track “17” is off his first long-player. [source]

Lora Zombie is according to her websitea young self-taught painter from Russia who has amassed a massive following of fans online over the past few years. Now she is breaking into the gallery scene and is branching far outside her native Russia with her unique blend of street art and grunge influence.” Recent exhibitions brought her “grunge art pieces” to New York and Los Angeles.

Mike Droog is a video-producer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. For latest videos visit his vimeo-channel.

More about that:
Youth Lagoon on facebook
Lora Zombie on facebook




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