FASHION: New York City vs. Berlin – Locals tell you what they wear… [incl. 2 Videos]

West of the Atlantic there’s the big apple. Home of the New York fashion week and home of the latest trends in fashion and style. East of the Atlantic there’s European’s capital Berlin – at least some people say so. Another hotspot for fashion.

We bring you two videos from both sides, so you can check out differences and similarities. Apple vs. Bear.

The New York video comes from the well-acclaimed New York Times. Berlin fashion gets a round-up via a video by State Of Style – or as the folks say: “State of Style Channel is an independent international fashion video producer. We always look for the unique angle that you find nowhere else.” [source]

New York City:

(Video by The New York Times)


(Video by State Of Style Channel)

More about that:
State Of Style’s official Website
The New York Times Video




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