UNHAPPY ENDING: Watch “Alone Time” – a movie by Rod Blackhurst…

Busy people need some time for themselves. But this woman here can’t really escape…

In only 13 minutes director Rod Blackhurst succeeds in creating an atmosphere of suspense and a final burst of emotion. Or as he says: “A young woman, stressed by her busy and continually crowded New York City existence spontaneously retreats to a solitary lake deep in the Adirondacks.”

Rod Blackhurst is a film director and producer who currently lives in Los Angeles.

Watch the full movie below…

(Video by Rod Blackhurst)

an Unparalleled Production in association with Frank & Paul Films

Ann – Rose Hemingway

Director | Rod Blackhurst
Producer | Josh Murphy
Executive Producer | Eric Hollenbeck
Executive Producer | Paul Pathikal
Co producer | Chris Suchorsky
Co producer | David Ebeltoft
Associate Producer | Marcella Castro
Written by Rod Blackhurst + David Ebeltoft
Director of Photography | Adam McDaid
Editor | Suzanne Spangler
Composer | Tyler Strickland
Sound Designer | Jamey Scott
Strategic Partner | MBED

CREW: 1st AC – Andrea Boglioli , Grip – Chris Suchorsky, Hair/Make Up – Emma Berley, Gaffer – Eric Fahy, Location Sound – Brian Trim, Andy Mellon, Colorist – Ivan Miller, Stephen Ling, Set Photographer – Andy Mellon, Wardrobe – Rachel Blackhurst, Wardrobe Stylist – Eileen Eastburn, PA – Susan Alvarez
Subway Man – David Chokachi
Street Man – Jonathan Gundel
Cashier – Peggy Scott

SPECIAL THANKS: Elgin James, Addison Timlin, Eve Hewson, Miles Levy, Thomas Hynes, Cory Hinton, Randal Compton, Key Compton, David Marshall, Larry and Mary Blackhurst, Gay and Rob Byrne , Sarah Hyde, Molly Vaneslow, Charles Mastropeitro, Thomas Newton, Jason Ienner, Alexandra Rice Thompson, Laura McDonald, Holly Ellis, Keith Fairclough, Melissa Glassman, Jacey Heldrich, Ted Hudson, alldressedup from Rent the Runway, Ausable Club, City of New York, Directed Lighting, Fractured Atlas, Garnet Hill, The Gersh Agency, United Talent Agency, Keene Valley Market, Partos, North Creek, NY, North River, NY, NYC Film

More about that:
The movie’s official website
Rod Blackhurst website



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