SUSPENDED COFFEE? – A new and re-discovered trend you might like…!

Originally it’s from Naples, Italy. After the Second World War many people there couldn’t afford to buy a daily coffee. In a country where coffee has a central role in life, that was a major problem.

To solve the problem, richer people get used to buy two coffees but only drinkt one. The other one was put on hold for people in need. It’s an easy idea, and it is re-dicovered now – in Australia. Now it’s a world-wide phenomenon.

Do you like it? Tell us if there’s any coffee shop near you that took over the idea. We will present it here with a link.

In the meantime check out the official Australian site of Suspended Coffee.

Here’s a BBC News report about the coffee-phenomenon:

(Video by BBC News)

There are a whole lot of Suspended Coffee Societies on Twitter, too. Here’s one:



More about that:
Suspended Coffee Australia on Facebook
Suspended Coffee Kindness Cards Download




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