“ORDINARY LOVE”: A new song by U2 – and we really like it. Ten Reasons why!

When U2 release a new song, it is a day to mark in your calendar. The last new song fans and friends got from them dates back to the year 2009. It was a left-over of their “No Line On The Horizon”-sessions. A rather moody piece of two minutes – called “Soon”. “Soon” may be the track that sounds like what the rumoured album “Songs Of Ascent” may have sounded like. To this day it has not been released.

Now, it’s October 2013. The band obviously wanted to release an album in late 2013. The album they have worked on for more than three years. Produced by the well-known Danger Mouse it could be released in 2014. February? Maybe. It seems the band wants to get it more than right this time. They have never worked so hard on songs – in their whole career. They have to, because expectations are high. Mostly among their fans. A very critical bunch of people sometimes. They know what U2 can do. Write great and moving songs. Moving pieces that stand the test of time.

Some fans are as critical as the band itself. Some fans complain about pushing back album dates (well, they may be right sometimes), they complain about music that has not been released to this date, about rumours that are certainly untrue, about artwork that’s not presented – and about the clothes the band wears. Check the fan-forums for those conversations. Some fans even complain about a piece of a new song the band has released last week. All of a sudden. Without any hint. We think this is more of a reason to celebrate than to complain. Remember. It’s been four years since the last new track.

And here’s why we like the new song “Ordinary Love”. It’s from a new movie about Nelson Mandela, by the way.

1. Thinking that the song is produced by Danger Mouse, we really like Bono’s vocals. He can sing like that. So why not doing it? James Mercer does it, too. He’s the guy who works with Danger Mouse as Broken Bells. So maybe Danger Mouse wanted to challenge Bono a bit?

2. Just listen to the first electro-piano-chords of the song. It’s unmistakeably an Edge-sound. Just chords. Just like “Wave Of Sorrow” or “Running To Stand Still”. Great.

3. Listen to the guitar at the end of the snippet. It’s atmospheric and sparkling. Remember “The Unforgettable Fire”? Futuristic retro? Something Danger Mouse is well-known for and the band obviously aims at.

4. The drums. They sound fresh. Even a bit electronic. Maybe Danger Mouse has also brought Larry Mullen into new territory? Hopefully the drums will be more present on the new album. They really weren’t on the last album.

5. The full-band-chorus-part of the snippet. That’s great. It’s swiniging. Catchy. It even has an African flavour.

6. The lyrics. The first line are not too pathetic or difficult to stand for some U2-fans. They are great. They create an image. Something Bono can do with his words, but sometimes seems to forget. He did it on the 1997 album “POP”. And he did it on “The Joshua Tree”. “The sea wants to kiss the golden shore” – great line. And although the word “love” is super-present in the world of music, the title is great, too. Because it fits the whole theme of the song…

7. The idea behind the song. U2 always had a close relationship with Nelson Mandela. And it seems that now is the right time to honour him with a song.

8. We like the new track because it’s the first hint to the sound of the new album. Or mabye it’s not. Fans just don’t know. And that’s the most unusual thing about the whole recording process. We don’t know anything. No song titles. No studio snippets. Not many photos from inside the studio. Nothing. It’s the first time in U2’s long career. Even for “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” the band released some titles prior to the release. Remember? “Jubilee” was a working title for “Beautiful Day”. “Achtung Baby” had the bootleg incident. Fans never experienced such a pre-album silence.

9. The bass-sound of “Ordinary Love”. Listen with headphones and you might hear what we mean.

10. Reason number ten is as simple as good: We like “Ordinary Love”, because it’s a new song by U2. And they appear very rarely.

Enjoy the trailer and a piece of the track below:

(Video from KlickMovieTrailer)

This article is a highly subjectiv comment on the new U2-song “Ordinary Love”. Feel free to add your opinion below.

More about that:
U2’s official website
The movie’s website



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