ORIGINAL VIDEO: Astronaut Frank De Winne about U2 and being on screen during their 360° Tour

He was the first European astronaut to command a mission at the international space station (ISS). And just the second Belgian in space. Frank De Winne now is the head of the European Astronaut Centre located in Cologne.

The transatlantic diablog met Frank De Winne (at DLR-Campus Cologne). In this excerpt De Winne talks about his special role in concerts by the band U2 back in 2009.


Re-live that special moment when the rock band U2 played their song “Your Blue Room” with commander Frank De Winne reciting the last verse – in a pre-recorded video from space.

U2 – Your Blue Room (360° Tour live at Soldier Field, Chicago September 13, 2009)

(Music by U2 w. Sinead O’Connor. Video by Liam Roskeach)

More about that:
Information about Frank De Winne (from esa.int)
Official Website of the German Aerospace Center (DLR)

U2’s official website (subscribers get a free CD with a live-version of “Your Blue Room”)




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