DIABLOG OPINION: Show Report – Editors live at E-Werk, Cologne

There was a black and white scarf draped over the amplifiers of bass-player Russel Leetch that night. And although the band obviously likes those two colors, there’s so much more to a recent show by Editors – much more colors.

Such as the great new versions of tracks from the electro-heavy album “In This Light and on this Evening”: New guitarist Justin Lockey gives fan-favourite “Like Treasure” a new intro. The biggest hit to date, “Papillon”, gets a new rock-treatment and serves as the show’s final and uplifting song. Including a bass-riff that reminds you of Joy Division. It’s a comparison that the band does not like. And with this little exception Editors are not even close to that sound.

It’s rocking. Heavy guitars and bass. A bass-drum that makes your chest resonate. And great melodies. The first half of the show brings all the uptempo-songs. Even an old B-Side from the early days: The band starts “Someone Says” three times until you finally hear the guitar. “Give a warm welcome to our guitarist”, singer Tom Smith says to the crowd. “He has a tough time tonight.” – obviously suffering from some technical issues.

Every album gets its plays. From “Munich” of the first record, to the more epic “And End Has a Start” and “The Racing Rats”. The latter from the band’s second album gets a very enthusiastic reaction from the crowd with Tom Smith singing, “C’mon now, you know you could win”. Other higlights were the recent singles “A Ton of Love” and “Formaldehyde”, as well as a great version of “Bricks and Mortar” – the first track of the encore.

By the way: What a great encore it was. “Bricks and Mortar” followed by a rocking version of “Nothing” – a track that arrived in a strings-only version on the latest album – and then the closer. “Papillon” left the crowd with the feeling of having witnessed a great show – in a rather small location. Next time Editors might only play large arenas. As they did a few days before in Amsterdam and Antwerpen.

Here’s the full setlist.

Video: “Honesty” live from Amsterdam.

(Video by 3voor12)

More about that:
Editors official website




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