New Short Film by Wes Anderson: Castello Calvacanti now streaming via Prada – Watch here!

It has the atmosphere of a typical Wes Anderson movie. His new short film, debuted at the Rome Film Festival and produced in cooperation with Prada, brings you Jason Schwartzman as Jack Cavalcanti, a typical set design and many great lines. Such as the one Jack Cavalcanti says after crashing in a Jesus statue – with his racing car.

The movie is set in an Italian village back in 1955. Watch it below…

(Video by Wes Anderson via Prada)

Wes Anderson’s next full-lenght movie will premiere next year. His to this date eight long movie will be out March 2014 (a little later if you are east of the Atlantic). Its title: “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

More about that:
Wes Anderson Facts
Official Trailer to “The Grand Budapest Hotel”




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