SIMPLE MINDS: Dublin 2013 Documentary – plus: New DVD/CD available…!

They are touring heavily, recently. Scottish band Simple Minds played to packed crowds in England, Holland, South Africa, The United States, Brasil and some more countries. Still a world-wide phenomenon the five-piece group, known for singer Jim Kerr’s disctinctive voice, captures those moments in various forms.

First of all there’s a six-part-documentary about the band’s shows in Dublin, Ireland. You can watch it via Simple Mind’s YouTube-channel or below on the transatlantic diablog – great live-music and interviews included.

(Video by Simple Minds)

For those of you who still like to have a physical copy of music – there are some of those fans, right? – Simple Minds now run a special pre-order for the forthcoming Live-DVD/CD-set. All you need to know via the band’s official website.

Wanna know which songs, new ones and great classics, Simple Minds have played in Glasgow? It was the town filming for the DVD took place. Setlist at




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