VERONICA MARS is back: Our ultimate round-up to the return of the much-loved TV-Series – A movie crowdfunded by Kickstarter

Many viewers loved it. The American neo-noir mystery drama “Veronica Mars”. Witty, suprising, mysterious and cool. Those words fit for the whole show. The show featured Kristen Bell as Veronica and was created and written by Rob Thomas (not the musician of the same name, by the way).

Premiering on September 22, 2004, it ran for three full seasons after it, more or less suddenly, got cancelled. That, although writer Rob Thomas even had an idea (and trailer for an upcoming season).

Set in the fictional town of Neptune, California (fake zip code 90909), the show’s creators had built a cosmos of High School, College – and crime. Never made of clichés, never dull.

Now, almost 7 years after being stopped, Veronica Mars returns. As a movie. With well-known faces, places and loose story-knots to tie. Early 2013 both, Bell and Thomas, started a fundraising campaign via Kickstarter to make it happen. Within ten hours they had 2 Million Dollars. Enough for a movie and proof of a very local fanbase.

Wanna dive into the world of Veronica Mars? Here’s a preview and the trailer. Enjoy.

(Videos by Veronica Mars (2014))




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