It’s not the easiest of all the available broadcasting-times on television. Late night.

It requires a certain amount of fun, a host that can do it. Famous guests and some extras. A house-band, for example. Some witty monologues and some games of action. So who can do it? Which are the most successful and longest lasting shows – after 11.30?

Here’s a list of ten things a good late night shows has to have – with a few examples from current late night shows.

1. Being active on social media. Like Jimmy Fallon in the video below. Who just started hosting “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (USA, NBC. On air since February 17, 2014). It’s all there. On-screen and off screen. Fallon brings you Hashtag-Videos where viewers can send their stories on a topic. He also answers questions in special videos. And: he’s very popular on tumblr, twitter, Facebook, youtube

(Video by NBC)

2. Having ultimate (top ten) lists or rankings. Like David Letterman in this video here. “Late Show with David Letterman” (USA, CBS. On air since 1993)

(Video by CBS)

3. Having viral video idea with famous people – and animals. Like Conan O’Brien in this video. “Conan” (USA, TBS. On air since 2010)

(Video by TBS)

4. Having great live music acts perform – outside the studio maybe. Like Jimmy Kimmel does in this video. “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” (USA, ABC. On air since 2003)

(Video by ABC)

5. Having funny conversations with famous guests. Like Craig Ferguson does in this video. “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” (USA, CBS. On air since 2005)

(Video by CBS)

6. Being political and satirical. Like Stephen Colbert does in this video. “The Colbert Report” (USA, Comedy Central. On air since 2005)

(Video by Comedy Central)

7. Making famous guests do unexpected things. Like Jonathan Ross does in this video. “The Jonathan Ross Show” (UK, ITV. On air since 2011)

(Video by ITV)

8. Having a great house-band. Like Jimmy Fallon does in this video. Together with Robin Thicke.

(Video by NBC)

9. Being a tradition and/or institution. Like the Irish Late Late Show that started back in 1962. “The Late Late Show” (Ireland, RTÉ. On air since 1962)

(Video by RTÉ)

10. Delivering in-depth-conversations and information others don’t have. Like George Stroumboulopoulos does in this video. “George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight” (Canada, CBC. On air since 2005)

(Video by CBC)

More about that:
The history of late night shows



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