Coldplay is back with “Ghost Stories” – Four things we like about the first show in Austin, Texas

Coldplay are back with a new album – “Ghost Stories”. Almost silently announced with two videos for two songs. “Midnight” and “Magic”. Both start with the letter “M” and both reflect the rather moody and atmospheric mood of the new album. Check the album’s artwork for more clues. It’s by artist Mila Furstova.

And the new era, as fans call it, started with a first show supporting the album. Performed at 2014’s South By Southwest festival. Always revealing those first shows are. What will the band play? What will the stage look like? Any new inventions? The answer is: yes.

Here are four things the transatlantic diablog likes about the new style and show.

The great diversity of instruments.

All four band-members play their main instruments, but also jump from one to the other. We’ve spotted guitarist Johny Buckland playing the piano (during “Magic”) as well as synthesizers. Same goes for bass-player Guy Berryman. Chris Martin and drummer Will Champion are also well-known for being multi-instrumentalists.

The stage design.

The last two tours had the great colorful extravaganza. The recent stage is like the music. Moody, atmospheric and full of electronics. Also: there’s a new position of Martin’s piano. And there’s the beloved confetti. During “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” fans and band also get “some” white streamers – as known from soccer-games in South America.

The new songs.

Was anyone sceptic after the first new songs emerged online? You don’t have to. Even the very untypical (for Coldplay) song “Midnight” sounds big in its live-version – almost like a dancefloor track. And then there’s “Another’s Arms”. An instant classic with a great vocal/synth-hook.

The element of surprise.

Coldplay is creative, always innovative, and always new. With every album so far. That makes them unique. It seems they’ve learned from the best, too.


Tell us your thoughts below or via @THESUPPORTUS on twitter.

More about that:
Coldplay’s official website with album info
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