3 FAVOURITE SONGS BY THE BLACK KEYS – diablog’s ultimate List!

With a new album coming soon, we look back at three songs by The Black Keys – gems from their catalogue.

“Too Afraid To Love You”

From 2010’s album “Brothers”. Co-produced by the band, engineer Mark Neill and producer Danger Mouse. “Brothers” was the first album recorded in 30 years at Alabama’s famous Muscle Shoals Sound Studio. The cover of the album just contains the following words: “This is an album by The Black Keys. The name of the album is brothers”.

“Little Black Submarines”

From the 2011 album “El Camino”. Co-produced by Danger Mouse and the band itself. The album was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee at Easy Eye Sound Studio. A studio opened by guitarist Dan Auerbach. The name comes from a car called “the Chevrolet El Camino”.The was using an El Camino while on tour in Canada in 2010.

“Turn Blue”

From the 2014 album “Turn Blue”. Co-produced by Danger Mouse and the band. Recorded at Sunset Sound Hollywood, Key Club in Benton Harbor and again at Easy Eye Sound Studio in Nashville.

Album Tracklist:

“Weight of Love”
“In Time”
“Turn Blue”
“Year in Review”
“Bullet in the Brain”
“It’s Up to You Now”
“Waiting on Words”
“10 Lovers”
“In Our Prime”
“Gotta Get Away”

The new album by The Black Keys is called “Turn Blue”. Street date May 13, 2014. People already heard two advance tracks: “Fever” and “Turn Blue”. Both again produced by Danger Mouse.

More about that:
The Black Key’s official website
A blog about The Black Keys




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