MORTEN HARKET SOLO DISCOGRAPHY – all the albums from “Wild Seed” to “Brother” [w. Videos]

For most of the years being active as a singer and musician, Morten Harket was the lead-singer of Norwegian band A-ha. After re-starting the band in the late 1990s, A-ha eventually stopped working together in October 2009.

Afterwards singer Morten Harket released two albums. But his personal discography contains a few more albums. Such as fan-favouites and very ambitous albums like “Wild Seed” and “Poetenes Evangelium”.

His latest album, “Brothers”, now brings back the melodic and melancholic songs of those two earlier long-players.

Watch the new video to the single, which is also called “Brothers”, below.

Here’s Morten Harket’s full discography of albums:

Poetenes Evangelium
From November 9, 1993

Wild Seed
September 4, 1995

Vogts Villa
November 25, 1996

Letter from Egypt
May 19, 2008

Out of My Hands
April 13, 2012

April 11, 2014

Recently Morten Harket went on stage for a special concert broadcast by Norwegian TV-channel NRK2. Among new songs the setlist also contained the lead-single of his album “Wild Seed”. Watch “A Kind of Christmas Card” and all the other tracks below. His live-band also brought back some well-known faces to A-ha-fans. Per Lindvall on thr drums had already perfomred live with the band.

The album “Brothers” was recorded at Studio Brun and Atlantis Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. All songs were written by Morten Harket and Peter Kvint. All lyrics were written by Morten Harket and Ole Sverre Olsen. The album also features additional words by Peter Kvint and music and lyrics written by Ole Sverre Olsen – for the song “First Man to the Grave”.


1. “Brother”
2. “Do You Remember Me?”
3. “Safe with Me”
4. “Whispering Heart”
5. “Heaven Cast”
6. “There Is a Place”
7. “Oh What a Night”
8. “End of the Line”
9. “Can’t Answer This”
10. “First Man to the Grave”

More about that:
Morten Harket’s official website



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