“BIN BERLINER” – An atmospheric short film about the German capital by Bruno Jubin

Born in Palma de Mallorca he dropped school at the age of 15 – to study on his own through the internet. That’s quite unusual and very progressive at the same time. Now working as a freelance film-maker Bruno Jubin lives in Berlin.

His home-town he has dedicated a rather moody short-film. You almost feel the warm summer breeze and the spirit of the place.

Watch the video below.


Director / Cinematographer / Editor: Bruno Jubin
I finally found time to grab my camera and go for a walk around my lovely city.
For all those who ♥ berlin and are blown up for its beauty, I invite you to take a walk around this wonderful city.

// Editing/Grading : Premiere&Speedgrade CS6
// Camera : Canon 7D
// Lenses : 30mm f1.4
// Music : Other lives – Dark Horse
Glidecam HD2000

More about that:
Bruno Jubin’s website



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