DANGEROUS WATERS TV IN COLOGNE, GERMANY – Traveling the world with Jet Skis

It’s a rather unusual idea for a trip. Six people on four Jet Skis opted to go from Seattle to Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Amsterdam and then to Cologne.

On day 29 of their trip, they arrived in Cologne, Germany – without a warning and fully packed Jet Skis. Warmly welcomed by the local sailor’s club that had its official season start, the Dangerous Waters crew revealed their story.

The transatlantic diablog was on location capturing the moving moment of people meeting for the first time.

Watch our video below and hear Steven Moll, inventor of the trip and TV-producer, speaking about his first impressions of the place – just after they arrived.

Some magic is gonna happen. And this is the magic. The magic of Germany.

Expedition Leader Steven Moll just after arriving in Cologne.

The crew:
Steven Moll – Founder / Expedition Leader
Patrick McGregor – Expedition Medic
Scott Brendlinger – Expedition Navigator
Jake Hammer – Expedition Mechanic
Casey Bays – Cameraman
and a second camera operator

At the moment the Dangerous Waters crew travels through Germany – more places to follow. All that accompanied by two cameras that capture the trip for a TV-show.

More about that:
Dangerous Waters TV website
Dangerous Waters on Facebook



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