ROLLER DERBY, ANYONE? – here’s a closer look on a sport that’s trending now…!

It’s a contact sport. Two teams of five members on roller skates. While skating in the same direction on a track both teams try to jam each other.

Roller derby has its origins in the banked-track roller skating marathons of the 1930s. Now, 84 years later, almost half of the world-wide players come from the United States. But some skate outside the US. Just a few in Europe or even Germany.

Like this team from Cologne:

SonicfeverPictures recently tracked down the Graveyard Queens Cologne while they were competing with the Zürich City RollerGirlz. Watch the video below.

Here’s another video (by SmashOneMedia) showing you why Roller derby is a girl’s thing…

Ever considered to be a player? Here’s what you need:

Roller skates
helmet knee pads
elbow pads
wrist guards

More about that:
Roller Derby Facts
Graveyard Queens Cologne on Facebook



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