CLASSIC GAME: TETRIS – Who invented it and who became rich by it?

Coloured bricks fall from above. You can rotate them. And then you have to put them into a fitting order. A line is complete? It disappears. What sounds trivial is one of the most successful computer games ever.

But it wasn’t its inventor, Russian programmer Alexej Paschitnow, who became rich in the first place. After being created on a Russian computer called “Elektronika 60”, the game started to conquer the world. Various right-holder became rich. In 1996 Alexej Patschinow bought the rights and could take profit from his game for the first time.

Here’s a screenshot of the first Tetris version from 1984.

Below a video (by Spectre255) showing how he made it to the 999,999 points mark. Original Game Boy-sountrack included. How long can you watch it?

More about that:
Tetris facts
The official Tetris website



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