JIMMY SCOTT: Jazz Singer and “a stylist” as Quincy Jones says

You talked about a stylist. That’s where the name came from – Jimmy Scott.

That’s what legendary producer Quincy Jones said about Jimmy Scott. The hugely admired jazz singer.

Originally born as James Victor “Jimmy” Scott and also known as “Little” Jimmy Scott, the singer influenced a wide range of vocalists like Billie Holiday and even Madonna.

Suffering from Kallmann’s syndrome, a rare genetic condition, Jimmy Scott never had a puberty vocal change. Those circumstances gave him a unique voice. Scott became famous in the 1940s as the singer of the Lionel Hampton Band. After fading celebrity in the late 1960s he made his comeback 30 years later. He thenย appeared in the last episode of US-series “Twin Peaks” – singing a song written by director David Lynch.

On June 12, 2014 Jimmy Scott died at the age of 88.

Below you find a trailer to a still unpublished feature film about Jimmy Scott and one of his final albums.

More about that:
Jimmy Scott facts
Rolling Stone magazine about Jimmy Scott’s death

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