“WISH I WAS HERE”: New movie by and with Zach Braff – new music by The Shins and Coldplay

In the case of “Wish I Was Here”, there’s something to look forward to.

The movie, opening July 18 in New York City and Los Angeles, again brings you Zach Braff in various roles. Like for the 2004 movie “Garden State”, Braff stars as actor, writer and director.

The movie, according to a press-note, “tells a funny, touching, universal story of what it means to be at a major crossroads as a parent, spouse, and child—all at once”, and brings you an interesting soundtrack, too.

Again, as for “Garden State”, US-band The Shins contributes a song. It’s called “So Now What” and you can listen to it in the new trailer.

But there’s more new music. Such as Bon Iver’s “Heavenly Father”. Coldplay and Catpower bring you the title track. Badly Drawn Boy and Paul Simon also make a contribution.

Here’s the full tracklist:

The Shins: “So Now What”
Gary Jules: “Broke Window”
Radical Face: “The Mute”
Hozier: “Cherry Wine (Live)”
Bon Iver: “Holocene”
Badly Drawn Boy: “The Shining”
Jump Little Children: “Mexico”
Cat Power & Coldplay: “Wish I Was Here”
Allie Moss: “Wait It Out”
Paul Simon: “The Obvious Child”
Japanese Wallpaper: “Breathe In [ft. Wafia]”
Bon Iver: “Heavenly Father”
Aaron Embry: “Raven’s Song”
The Weepies: “Mend”
The Head & the Heart: “No One to Let You Down”

More about that:
The movie’s official website
“Wish I Was Here” on Facebook



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