SOCCER X TWITTER – A mix of tweets by the heroes of the 2014 World Cup

Gone are the times when soccer-players out of the public life during a World Cup – except for the 90 minutes of playing at least. Today, almost everyone who chases the ball in Brasil is on Twitter or Facebook…

Here’s a little round-up of some tweets by people you might know. If you have some more, feel free to tell us…

Jürgen Klinsmann. The German head coach of the US-team offers you a glimpse of the soccer-enthusiasts in Chicago. Distance form there to Rio de Janeiro: more than 10.000 kilometres.

Christiano Ronaldo. Off the tournament now. But a few days earlier he tweeted from the city of Manaus. Presenting a melon that looks like a famous soccer-player.

Thomas Müller. He’s not Messi or Neymar. He’s Thomas Müller. World-famous and a rather unusual player. This tweet shows how he works…

Pelé. All-time hero. Born where the 2014 World Cup takes place. A star that can play guitar.

Gianluigi Buffon. Off the tournament, too. But one of the greatest goal-keepers ever. Here’s a photo of him after the training session. Who knew he’s called Gigi in Italy? Translation of the tweeted text: “Our Gigi at the end of the training session yesterday.” – the tweet obviously is a few days old…




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