DIABLOG OPINION: 10 Wishes for U2’s new album…!

Fans and the music-world have to be very patient when U2 plans to release an album. In the summer of 2014 it’s almost a wait of five and a half years. Some rumoured release-dates included the spring of 2014, the end of 2013, early 2013, 2010…

And while it’s still unclear what will happen next in the U2-universe, here’s a personal observation and idea of what the new U2-album, if there will ever be one, could or should be about. 10 thoughts by the transatlantic diablog.

First of all. Why must it be a whole new album? Why don’t they just release two or three EPs? That would be new and adventurous. A new approach versus the whole well-known circle of single, album, tour, DVD, etc. It would also lighten the pressure of producing a new masterpiece.

A consistent concept of artwork, music, stage-design. Something like U2 did back in the 1990s. Or something like Coldplay does today.

Diversity of sounds as well as of topics and on stage. We would like to see guitarist The Edge play some keyboard-hooks on stage. The band went into that direction, a few steps at least, with the one-off-track “Invisible”. Larry Mullen on electro-drums. The Edge on keyboards – during the video. We also would like to see Bono play the piano more often.

They still can write melodies. Like with 2006’s “Window In The skies”, a track presumably started by Bono on piano. “Original Of The Species”, “Yahweh” and “Winter”. All tracks with great melodies.

Colourful artwork and stage-design. Up-to-date-artwork. Maybe murals or streetart. There was too much black and white in recent years.

A new approach of addressing the fans. A constant flow of little pieces that keep them entertained, rather then letting them depend on rumours that turn out as false or shelved projects. Remember the 6 shows in 6 cities tour? A rumoured EP this summer. The unreleased “Songs Of Ascent”-project? You may know some more…

The band obviously has put so much time and work into the new album. If critics and/or fans don’t like it, it would be a real let-down, we think. So hopefully it will be a success.

Songs that relate to many people. Younger and older. Men and women. U2-fans and non-U2-fans. Sounds easy, right?

Why not supporting the new tracks with a short festival-tour? It will be a great experience the more U2 gets used to it. Younger fans will be there – maybe the people who can make the band relevant, as this is something U2 is obviously looking for. It’s also less complicated for them in terms of stage-building.

If there’s a proper tour by U2, then arenas would be a good choice – for the United States as well as for Europe. Remember the more intimate and joyfull shows of the 2001 “Elevation Tour”? Regularly changing setlists could be a bonus.

What do you want from the new U2-album? Your opinion here. Tell us via a comment below or via @THESUPPORTUS with the hashtag: #transatlanticdiablog

More about that:
U2’s official website



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