PHOTO-REPORT: Visiting the world’s first PhotoBookMuseum in Cologne

It’s something the world has not seen before. A museum full of photobooks. Not photos alone. Running until October 3, 2014 – at least, as the head behind it, Markus Schaden, told us – the exhibition is a well-curated mixture. All that in an old factory hall, erected for the production of cables. Now it’s part of media-city Cologne, Germany.

In the museum there’s a lot to discover. Such as the Chargesheimer exhibition. The late Cologne photographer took pictures of the city. Back in the 1970s and early in the morning at 5.30am. The exhibition is one of the highlights of the PhotoBookMuseum, as Markus Schaden revealed to us.

Other artist’s names included are Ed Templeton, Harvey, Hido, Petersen, Taptik, Cases, Shore and many more.

It’s a very haptic exhibition with many things to see and touch. Such as the old café Lehmitz that the PhotoBookMuseum re-built just from an old image. In black and white only, and it’s full Hamburg glory. That’s where it was located.

Enjoy our photo-report below.

Here’s how to get to the museum in Cologne.

About the future of the PhotoBookMuseum Markus Schaden told us that it may go on tour and then should have its permanent location in the city of Cologne.

More about that:
The PhotoBookMuseum Website
The PhotoBookMuseum on Facebook



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