2,566 ORBIT FLIGHTS AROUND EARTH: German Astronaut Alexander Gerst took a piece of Cologne Cathedral to outer space

It’s traveling with a speed of 8 kilometres per second. And so there’s not much time to spot a very place from International Space Station ISS, as Alexander Gerst says. The German astronaut, living in Cologne, returned from a six-month mission up there called “The Blue Dot” back in November 2014.

A mission that took him around earth for 2,566 times. Him and a little piece of stone he got beforehand by Cologne’s mayor Jürgen Roters. A little stone from the world-famous Cologne Cathedral. Now after returning Gerst brought back that little stone.

You can see Cologne Cathedral from space with your own eyes,” Alexander Gerst says. Having the opportunity to phone down to mother earth, Gerst did so many times while looking down on his hometown. A view that changes much.

It’s absurd to see how people figh each other,” Gerst says about witnessing the lights of rockets being shot in the Middle East.

At the moment 3 people work on the International Space Station. Three in contrast to around 7 billion people down on mother earth. Being on the space station Gerst ran various tests and experiments – some were suggestetd to him by young students. Still he does not know why soap bubbles cannot be bursted in space, Gerst states.

Anyway, mankind still does not know much about outer space. Even planet earth’s own star system has not been explored in total. Scientists estimate that the amount of stars in the whole universe equals the amount of grains of sand on earth.

More about that:
Current position of the ISS



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