PHOTO-REPORT: Eifel town Monschau from above

monschau (20)

Eifel town Monschau unfolds like a miniature world as it’s been watched from the surrounding hills. That’s where the town’s castle from the 13th century is located. First mentioned in 1198, Monschau – its French name is Montjoie – has its origin in the narrow valley of the Rur river.

In 1972, [Monschau] was enlarged with the previous independent municipalities of Höfen, Imgenbroich, Kalterherberg, Konzen, Mützenich and Rohren. Mützenich, to the west of the town center, is an exclave of German territory surrounded by Belgium.” [source]

The historic centre of Monschau still has many old buildings which are a famous place for visitors and tourists. Locals still try to preserve those houses. An endeavor that is expensive and challenging at the same time…

Here’s our photo-report from Monschau…

More about that:
Monschau official website


2 thoughts on “PHOTO-REPORT: Eifel town Monschau from above

  1. Oh, I was going to visit this town last weekend! (but had to cancel). I’m definitely going there after you having convinced me with these great photos! 🙂


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