WOODEN ART: Artist Peter Schmidt as well as the team of “StadtwaldHolz” only use local trees for their works


Chairs, beds and tables. All that custom-made by Cologne architect Sabine Röser and her husband carpenter Wilfried Nißing. Working together under the name of “StadtwaldHolz” – city forest wood in English – both create unique products from local trees only.

10 percent of the wood cut each year is usable for furniture,” Röser explains. Speaking of the Cologne trees.

Artist Peter Schmidt who also works at the town’s parks commission takes it a bit further. He only uses trees that are damaged by lightning or storm. Out of massive pieces of wood, like 120 years old elms, he carves out boats or large bowls.

Below is our gallery of products and pieces both, “StadtwaldHolz” and Peter Schmidt, have created.

More about that:
“StadtwaldHolz” website [in German]


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