CROSSING THE RHINE WITH THE “CROCODILE”: On board of Heiko Dietrichs ferry in Cologne

320 metres to get from one side to the other: captain Heiko Dietrich is doing it for 30 years.

It’s much more gentle than the animal that gave it its name. The “Krokodil”, the crocodile, is one of captain Heiko Dietrich’s ferrys that bring tourists, bikers, wanderers and commuters from one side to the other.

320 metres across Europe’s longest river, the Rhine. Here in the southern parts of Cologne the “Krokodil” is the only option to cross the river. With the next bridge available at least five miles down the river.

For regular passengers it takes almost three minutes and two Euros to get from one side to the other -some waves and shaking included when one of the larger ships just crossed the route.

With the years you know people by their first names“, 71 year old captain Heiko Dietrich tells the transatlantic diablog. Back in 1985 when he started the daily service – at least when it’s ferry season – he only had one ship. Now after almost 30 years there are two more. All of them self-built by the captain and his crew.

Most famous ferry of the fleet: the “Krokodil.”

More about that:
The Krokodil’s official website



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