DISCOVERING MAASTRICHT: Dining, shopping and more in the Dutch town [Photo-report]

Located only 31 kilometers from Aachen, just an hour car drive from Cologne, Dutch town Maastricht is one of the most ancient European places. Today it is also known as a very cultural city with a river in-between: The Meuse river (Dutch: Maas).

Maastricht, home of almost 121,000 people, is located where the Jeker River (French: Geer) joins the Meuse.And the river also gave the town its name: Maastricht is derived from Latin” Trajectum ad Mosam” or “Mosae Trajectum”, which means “crossing at the Meuse” and refers to a bridge built by the Romans.

Arriving in Maastricht, there are two sides of the Meuse, visitors can discover. The mostly ancient part on the west side of the river. And on the other side the district of Wyck, where you’ll find the train station, as well as some unique locations for shopping and eating.

Here’s our Photo-report.

M. Brugstraat
One of the main streets leading into the ancient part of the city. Located at the foot of the also ancient Saint Servaas Bridge.

A large place facing two of the many old churches in town – as well as many restaurants. In July 2015 Vrijthof also was the location for various concerts of classic musician André Rieu.

“Burgerlijk” at Rechtstraat in Wyck
Burger restaurant “Burgerlijk”. Established in 2014 the restaurant serves various types of burgers. Such as the “Thaiburger” or the “Lambsburger” with cucumber and truffle mayonnaise.

Onze-Lieve-Vrouwewal, the medieval city wall
Located at the foot of the very modern De Hoek Brögk bridge and very close to a special tree planted for king Willem-Alexander.

Central place with town hall
On Sundays you will find a street market nearby. The building derives from the 17th century and is considered as one of the highlights of Dutch Baroque architecture.

De Brandweer
An old firehouse, today a place for eating and cultural events, such as flea markets. De Brandweer is Dutch for the fire department.

Fun facts:
Renting a Vespa for around 60 Euros a day, drivers according to Dutch law, do not even have to wear a helmet – if the scooter is not faster than 25 kilometers per hour.

Visiting Maastricht in summer, one will find many houses and streets decorated by roses and other blooming flowers. Sometimes tied to street lights. Sometimes growing wildly at houses.

Maastricht is a city of linguistic diversity. Due to its location at the crossroads of multiple language areas and its international student population, most people speak Dutch, Limburgish (or Limburgian), French, German, and English.

Maastricht also is the home of many famous events, such as “The European Fine Art Fair “(TEFAF), the world’s leading art and antiques fair, in March or the “Nederlandse Dansdagen”, a modern dance festival, in October. More events here.

More about that:
Maastricht facts


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