WORLD OF EXTREMES: A list of the richest, coldest, highest and other most special places on earth

From the driest place to the coldest spot on earth. The most photographed place to the least popular country on earth. Here’s a list of the most extreme places on our planet.

The hottest place on earth
Death Valley National Park, USA. Place of the highest air temperature ever recorded on earth with 134 degrees Fahrenheit (56.7 °C) – recorded on July 10, 1913.

The world’s coldest place
East Antarctic Plateau, Antarctica. On the high ridge of the East Antarctic Plateau temperature can drop to as low of 135.8  degrees Fahrenheit (-93.2 °C) – recorded in August, 2010.

The world’s most populated city
Shanghai, China. A city of 24,150,000 permanent inhabitants.

The world’s least populated city
Vatican City. The Vatican City State is a walled enclave within the city of Rome, Italy. Only 842 people live here.

The world’s wealthiest city
Tokyo, Japan. With a gross domestic product of $1,520 billion, Tokyo beats New York City by $310 billion.

The world’s poorest city
Kinshasa, Congo. The poorest city world is in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which also is the poorest country in the world. The gross domestic product ranges around $394.25 billion (in 2013).

The highest point in the world
Mount Everest, Himalaya. Towering 29,029 feet (8.848 meters) in the air, the top of Mount Everest is the world’s highest place. First conquered by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay on May 29, 1953.

The lowest point in the world
The Challenger Deep, south of Japan in the Pacific Ocean. The trench is the lowest known natural point in the world at 35,797 ft (10.91 kilometers) below sea level. Only three people have ever made it there in a sumarine – among them filmmaker James Cameron.

The most photographed place in the United States
Guggenheim Museum, New York City. According to a Google  powered photo sharing app to calculate the most captured spots the museum is the most photographed place in the world.

The wettest spot on earth
Mawsynram, India. In this city it rains an average of 467.35 inches (1187 centimeter) per year. The all time record dates back to 1985 with 1000 inches (2540 centimeters) of rain.

The driest spot on earth
The Atacama Desert. Covering a 1,000 kilometer strip of land on the Pacific coast, west of the Andes mountains, the desert is the driest non-polar place in the world. It has an average of only 4 inches (10.16 centimeters) of rain every hundred years.

The sunniest place in the United States
Yuma, Arizona. In this city reportedly the sun shines for an average of 11 hours a day. The usual forecast is sun for 90 percent of the year, averaging a total of 4015 daylight hours each year.

The most expensive city to live in
Singapore, Republic of Singapore. This city has recently beaten out Tokyo, Japan, for the title of “the most expensive city” for 2014. Cars can cost between 4 to 6 times as much in Singapore as they cost in the US or UK.

The least expensive city to live in
Mumbai, India. According to the Worldwide Cost of Living Index from 2014 Mumbai is the cheapest place on earth to live in.

The country that consumes the most food per capita
United States of America. With an average of 3,770 calories a day each.

The world’s oldest city
Damascus, Syria or Jericho, Palestinian Territories. The earliest inhabitants settled there 11,000 years ago.

The youngest country in the world
South Sudan. The country was formally recognized as independent in July 2011.

The world’s most visited city
London, UK. According to MasterCard’s 2014 Global Destinations City Index London has regained its place as the world’s most visited city with about 18.69 million international visitors annually.

The world’s least popular country
Iran. According to MasterCard’s 2014 Global Destinations City Iran is the least popular place to go to.

The country that consumes the most caffeine in the world
Sweden. Swedes consume an average of 388 mg of caffeine in coffee per person and per day.

The country in the world that drinks the most alcohol
Belarus. According to 2010 data from a WHO report published in 2014 each person above the age of 16 drinks an average of 4.62 (17.5 liters) gallons of alcohol every year.

Most biycle friendly country in the world
Netherlands. For example about 50 percent of the population of the city of Groninen commute via bike daily, making it the city with the greatest proportion of cyclists.

The world’s most energy efficient city
Reykjavik, Iceland. The energy and heat used by the citizens of Reykjavik, Iceland, come from geothermal plants and renewable hydropower.

The country with the longest life expectancy in the world
Japan. According to a World Health Organization study from 2013, Japan tops the charts for longest living citizens with an average life expectancy of 84 years.

The country with the shortest life expectancy
Sierra Leone. The population of Sierra Leone live only to an average of 46 years. According to a World Health Organization study from 2013.



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