AT THE RACES: As runners gather for the annual “10 Miles of Cologne” [Photo-report]

10 Miles Cologne 2015 (2)

16,093.54 meters. Or ten miles. For the many runners of the “10 Miles of Cologne” it’s just the same. A race of three laps with a race circuit along the river Rhine. With leading runners coming in at the 50 minutes mark, the world record for the distance of 10 miles is 44 minutes and a few seconds.

For runners, facing the 10 miles distance is rather unusual, but a good option as Dave Kuehls of Runner’s World says.

He writes about runner Benji Durden, part of the 1980 US Olympic team in the marathon, who was coming back from an injury and started to run again by doing long distance runs with slow pace.

Kuehls reports that “Durden believes that a 10-miler makes you a more efficient runner – ‘by getting all your body parts, while fatigued, to agree on the direction you need to go: forward.‘”

Here’s our photo-report from the “10 Miles of Cologne.”



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