ACOMA PUEBLO “SKY CITY,” NEW MEXICO: Place of Native American history, mixed culture and fallen off crosses [Photo-report]

It’s one of the few still lasting native American villages. Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico. Since 1,100 years home of the Acoma tribe. And much of it is rather unique and special.

Such as its location 110 meters above the desert. And so the village not far from the town of Albuquerque is called “Sky City.” Today local guides, mostly Indians, bring visitors and tourists to the important spots of the village. Houses where colorful and handmade pottery is displayed. Sometimes with a mixture of Indian and christian influences.

But Acoma Pueblo is also special for its history. As often in America, a history of Indians and Europeans. Spanish people conquered the place, were expelled from it in 1680, returned a few years later.

And so a church is towering in the center of “Sky City.” San Esteban del Rey was built in 1640. Just a few steps away. An Indian graveyard. With many fallen off crosses. Which is not unusual, since the Native tribes believe that souls of the dead are free after the crosses fall down…

More about that:
Acoma Pueblo facts


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