CRAFT BEER AND BREWING: Fun facts, instagram photos and a look at the history, price and most notable breweries

Craft brewery or microbrewery. A movement that started in the United Kingdom and North America back in the 1970s. Describing breweries that only produce small amounts of beer. Often with special tastes and flavours. Often with high Quality.

As the movement grew and even the smaller breweries expanded, people mostly speak of craft brewing rather than microbrewing.

Dee Stecco of #beerliveshere presents various types of craft brewing beer on instagram. Below we have a selection of various photos.


In the United States, especially the north western states have a concentration of craft breweries. According to data by the Brewers Association Washington, Oregon and Idaho all had more than 20 of those breweries per million inhabitants. Florida only between three and five.

In the United States breweries that produce fewer than 15,000 beer barrels, which equals 1,800,000 liters or 475,000 gallons, annually, are described as micro breweries.

Here’s a list of notable craft brewers.

Very often craft beer is much more expensive than other brands. Joe Satran of the Huffington Post explains that it is because of the special marketing. “Part of the price differential is due to pure marketing. Like vendors of designer clothing, acclaimed craft breweries can charge more because their customers expect to pay more for luxury goods.

In his article he also give an insight into the stages of the production process. Just nine percent of the price is for buying malt and hops. While 31 percent of the price makes the retailer’s margin.

Here are more instagram photos by #beerliveshere.

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It's a fine night for pearl necklace…oyster stout.

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