FINAL DESTINATION FOR “ZERO G”: The former plane for parabolic flights will now become a museum at Cologne Airport – a heavy crane lifted it to its new spot [Photo-report]

In November 2014 “Zero G” – for zero gravity – an Airbus A300 plane, landed at Cologne Airport. It was the last flight of a plane that previously experienced 4,200 hours in the air. Time spend with various scientific tests and more than 13,000 parabolic flights. Also German astronaut Alexander Gerst was on board of the plane to train for his recent time in space.

Now “Zero G” had its last “flight” to its final destination. A nearby lot where it will be re-modelled to a multimedia museum for visitors.

The whole procedure of lifting the aeroplane took two hours. While both, the crane and the plane itself, were full of extremes. The special crane, 60 meters tall and with a weight of 700 tons, re-located the 54 meters long plane – with a weight of 80 tons.

Here’s our photo-report.

More about that:
Parabolic flight facts


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