“WHAT A NICE PARTY” – Short film by Matt Ingebretson about the impact of a computer voice on a group of people [Video!]

Well, sometimes it is a bit strange at parties. Sometimes awkward. Sometimes a computer voice speaks to you.

At least in Matt Ingebretson’s new short film. The Los Angeles based comedian, director and writer shows how a group of people interacts and acts at a very special get together – some German music included.

In the middle of the movie someone asks: “Why are you here? Answer: Facebook!” Afterwards things get even more curious.

Watch “What a nice Party” here.

“What a nice Party”

Written & directed by Matt Ingebretson
Director of Photography: KR Blair-Henderson
Cast: Richard Bain, Jen D’Angelo, Josh Fadem, Matt Ingebretson, Esther Povitsky, Anna Seregina, Jake Weisman
Edited by KR Blair-Henderson
Sound Design & Mix by Joey Izzo
Sound: Joshua Blackburn
Assistant Camera: Jacob Frye
Produced by Matt Ingebretson & KR Blair-Henderson

More about that:
Matt Ingebretson’s website


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