DAVID LYNCH: Director, screenwriter, visual artist, musician, actor, author and inventor of “Twin Peaks”

Photo from David Lynch's Twitter Profile.
Photo from David Lynch’s Twitter Profile.

1986. Noir-crime-movie “Blue Velvet” made him to Hollywood’s most avant garde filmmaker. But Missoula, Montana born David Lynch is more.

Turning 70 on January 20, 2016, he looks back on various activities over the years. As a singer and songwriter he even has released two solo albums. 2011’s “Crazy Clown Time” and “The Big Dream” from 2013.

And then there are his masterpieces for the big screen. The thriller “Lost Highway.” “Mullholland Drive,” starring Naomi Watts as an actress newly arriving in Los Angeles. Experiencing what Lynch called “A love story in the city of dreams.

All that with a very unique way of telling the story. Dreamy sequences. Disturbing images. His signature a “mix of beauty and menace,” as The Guardian calls it.

For 2017 now, fans have waited for it a long time, 1990’s TV series “Twin Peaks” returns. With a first trailer already released.



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