From here to Leiden, the place where famous painter Rembrandt was born, to the capital Amsterdam and to The Hague, the seat of governement in the Netherlands, it is not that far.

Beach place Katwijk. Around 62,000 people live here. Many more come to visit the place for vacation. A town that is seperated into two part. The old part Katwijk an Rijn with a harbour, and Katwijk an Zee. The latter is located, as the name says, at the sea. The dutch coast of the North Sea.

Also Katwijk is a place for art. The first known painting of the town dates back to the 17th century. Painter Jacob van Ruisdael captured a view to the tower of Katwijk. Later, at the dawn of the 20th century, a group of impressionistic artists live in Katwijk. Among them dutch painter Jan Hillebrand Wijsmuller.

What is also special about Katwijk dates back to the nearer past. A good idea of keeping cars from the beach front. Extending the dunes and building a parking system underneath was the trick.

On the other hand Katwijk is the largest town of the Netherlands without a link to the public train system.

More about that:
Map of Katwijk



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