What a lucky couple the Quiggs must be. Permille and Stephen share life, music and the stage together.

Born in Denmark, Permille met singer and guitarist Stephen in the music scene of the Scottish westcoast. Now having two children, both make music together. Folk songs from Scottland and some other places in the world, as Stephen Quigg puts it.

The transatlantic diablog met both on location in Cologne where the couple performed a variety of songs at an ancient chapelle.

We just arrived from Hilversum in the Netherlands,” says Stephen Quigg before singing the old Matt McGinn song “Troubled Waters In My Soul.” Just the first track of a set that also included other covers, such as Danish song “Rainy Days In November” – mainly performed by wife Permille – as well as original tracks written by the couple.

Quigg is a former member of folk band "McCalmans."
Quigg is a former member of folk band “McCalmans.”

Self written and their lastest album’s title track “River Of Time” is about poet and songwriter Nich Keir, who passed away in 2013. “He has written so many tracks for others, now I thought it’s time to write a song about him,” Permille Quigg says.

Here’s our video of The Quiggs performing “Rainy Days In November” – a song that sounds sad, but actually is full of joy, as Permille Quigg states.

Stephen Quigg, who also plays concerts as an solo artist, was one member of the last line up of the legendary folkband “McCalmans.”

More about that:
Stephen Quigg official website
Pernille Quigg official website



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