“THE ARRIVAL” – A short film by Daniel Montanarini about Anna who is struggling to make a decision

He should be here…

These are the final words, or better thoughts, of Anna (Emily Barber) in Daniel Montanarini’s short film about making decisions on one’s own, overthinking things and dark holes that might appear by that.

Or as the film’s synopsis says: “Anna contemplates a big decision while waiting for someone in a cafe.”

Watch “The Arrival” below.

Starring – Emily Barber

Produced by Zen Design Studios

Writer / Director – Daniel Montanarini
Producer – Jacob Thomas
Cinematographer – Alistair Little
Production Designer – Laura Castellano Astruc
Costume Designer – Bronya Arciszewska
Sound Editor and Dubbing Mixer – Florentin Tudor
Foley Artist – John Cohen
FX Editor – Ben Hensor

Daniel Montanarini is represented by Forever Pictures

More about that:
Daniel Montanarini’s website



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