ROUTE 66: Almost 40 years ago the legendary road became a legend [w. Video]

It is a legend. And it is a street. The world famous Route 66.

4000 kilometres. 2451 miles. From Chicago to Los Angeles. East to west. Across the country. Eight states included. Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. America’s main street of the past. Today the Route 66 is historic.

In June 1977 the Los Angeles Times reported about what made the Route 66 history. Interstate 55. Six, rather than two tracks. Directions seperated by a small piece of grass in between.

While officially Route 66 no longer exists, a great deal of it remains to be driven and enjoyed,” states website Calling the Route 66 “the legendary Mother Road.”

It is as legendary as Penny Lane in London. Since a song has been dedicated to the street.

Nat King Cole’s version of “Route 66” below.

North of St. Louis, the famous Route 66 meets another famous US travelway. The Mississippi. The Chain of Rocks Bridge spans the Mississippi River there – and you can follow some caravans crossing the river in slow-motion below.

Sydney food blogger Billy Law, known for his blog “A Table For Two,” has traveled Mother Road, too. Here is his video. “Route 66 & Beyond.”

Here is a map of Route 66, also known as the Will Rogers Highway or US 66 – one of the original highways within the U.S. Highway System, as Wikipedia says.