“SWISS ARMY MAN” STARRING DANIEL RADCLIFFE – Mixed reviews, surreal and worth to watch? [w. Trailer]

Daniel Radcliffe is a puppet. Sort of. At least in a new movie written and directed by Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert.

“Swiss Army Man,” a bittersweet comedy-drama, also starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Paul Dano, is about Hank (Dano) being stranded on a lonely island. After failing to escape, he prepares to make his life an end. And then sees a mysterious body washed up on the beach. It is the puppet.

Hank names him Manny and discovers his abilty for superpowers – and everything involved…

Here is a trailer to the movie that also got a screening at the famous independent Sundance Film Festival. Where reviews were mixed. The British Guardian reports: “It’s coarse and it’s stupid, but it is, thanks mostly the two good performances and some stylish use of music and editing, a little bit moving.

Judge for yourself below.

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