HALLETT NATURE SANCTUARY: Bird sanctuary and a to this day mostly undiscovered place in New York City [w. Video]

Its postal address is Avenue of the Americas & W 59th St, Manhattan, NY, USA. Hallett Nature Sanctuary.

A four-acre nature preserve, is located northwest of the Pond at 5th Avenue. Closed to the public. Until recently. Now visitors can enter the preserve. And they do. Hallett Nature Sanctuary is very popular. So just 20 people at once are allowed to walk through the area. Three times a week. Just for a few hours.

80 years ago, back in 1934, the area was closed. 61 years after the whole Central Park in the heart of Manhattan was opened. The initial idea for Hallett Nature Sanctuary was to create a safe area for birds – a bird sanctuary.

In fact many different animal species live there now, in addition to the Santuary’s bird population, including raccoons, rabbits, and woodchucks, as the official website says.

Hallett Nature Sanctuary is one of Central Park’s three woodlands – the othes are the Ramble and North Woods. Its original name was “the Promontory”. Until 2001 the sanctuary remained untouched. In the following years the Conservancy focused on restoration and maintenance.

Here is a video of Doug Blonsky, President & CEO of the Central Park Conservancy, leading “Secrets of New York” host Kelly Choi through the four-acre Hallett Nature Sanctuary in Central Park.

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