TRACING THE DETAIL: Work and effort of a miniature model making club [Photo-Report]

It will not get much heavier. But it will increase in value. After spending up to more than two weeks, working on little models of cars, planes and even military equipment, all the results are unique.

Members of the 1. Plastik Modellbau Club Köln not just assemble the industry produced kits, they add extra parts. Such as small doors or handles. Even the color finish is selfmade.

Like a special four color attempt by member Oliver Gillessen, who also gives the finished US helicopter a used look by adding extra paint.

Most products on the market have a military background,” states Norbert Burmeister of 1. Plastik Modellbau Club Köln. Even though the market spans the whole world, for him, it is difficult to find civil models of aviation.

Here is our photo-report from one of the most recent exhibitions by the club.

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