ISLAND DAYS AND A BOOK ABOUT THE TSUNAMI – Dutch Author Gideon Samson’s most recent book “Eilanddagen” just released

Originally aiming to be a professional soccer-player, Dutch author Gideon Samson switched jobs to focus on writing books for a younger audience.

The most recent release of the multiple awards winner is “Eilanddagen” – Island days.

Almost two years, the 1985 Den Haag born author has spent on developing and writing the book, he reveals. “It took some time to find the right words to describe the feelings,” says Samson who looks back on seven earlier releases. All of them translated into German. Surprisingly, there are no english versions available to date.

Why writing for young adults and children? “Maybe I’m a bit of a child too, secretly,” Samson tells the transatlantic diablog. “Writing for children requires a different choice of words. But I think my books are nice for children as well as for adults.

Recently Gideon Samson is working on a new book, tentatively titled “A zebra in class,” which is about normal kids experiencing very special things. One of his former releases, “Flutlicht,” bases on the memories of 2004 Tsunami-survivor Julius ‘t Hart who shares writing credits on this book with the author.

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