CLASSIC CAMERA: Polaroid instant camera – 7 facts about the technical revolutionary item

1. Polaroid. In 1933 physician Edwin Herbert Land invented a filter that later enabled him to build a camera (first presented at a summit of the Optical Society of America in 1944) that made the captured photo available instantly. In 1937 Land had started a company named Polaroid.

2. The name Polaroid later became the generally used name for instant cameras.

3. Today, after the initial company went bankrupt around 2007, films are still produced by the Impossible Project – for several models of Polaroid cameras, and for the 8Γ—10 inch format.

4. After 1944 various companies, apart from Polaroid, built and sold instant cameras.

5. Polaroid inventor Edwin Herbert Land died March 1, 1991 in Cambridge, USA. In 1933, during the time of his invention, he was studying at famous Harvard University.

6. Not only cameras were published under the name Polaroid. Even sunglasses wereΒ and are produced.

7. Among the famous artists and photographers who used Polaroid cameras were Andy Warhol and Ansel Adams. Recent images also included Lady Gaga, captured by Nobuyoshi Araki.